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Book Binding Foils

Foil-stamped cover of a book of postcards of Auburn, NY
Book cover with foil-stamped image of the Statue of Liberty
Decorative title stamped in foil on the cover of a book of works by Edgar Allen Poe
Title of The Dangerous Book for Boys stamped in gold foil on its cover
Image of Mary and decorations foil-stamped on a book cover
Gold foil stamped on the cover and binding of Kiopling’s The Jungle Book

General Roll Leaf has always maintained the widest range of foils for the hard cover book industry in metallic and pigment foils from fine line to broad coverage.

Although demand for our panel foils has dropped off considerably, we still inventory the P416GX Gloss Red, the P420HX Semi Matte Red, the P900GX Gloss Black and the P900HX Semi Matte Black in our “P” series. If you need a specific panel foil, call us to see if we have that color in stock.

As always, call our Customer Service Department for Samples and Information at (518) 671-6800.