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Specialty Foils

Holographics – The most popular of our specialty foils, our recent introduction of our “CS” line of holgraphics gives you five patterns to choose from at very competitive pricing. We now maintain steady inventory of all these patterns. Call for samples and availability.

Brushed Foils and Scratch-Off Foils – Both the Brushed and Scratch-Off foils are available in standard gold and silver for plastic and graphics applications. Scratch-Off foils also are available in a ‘fingerprint’ pattern (in silver only).

Tinted Foils – General carries a limited number of tinted foils. Please call for availability.

Pearls – “A003” white pearl is by far the most popular of the pearl foils we carry. As with any of our specialty foils, pearls are subject to availability so please call to see how much we have in stock.