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Packaging Foils

Foil-stamped candy box
Foil-stamped Kgirl gift bag
Foil-stamped gift box
Closeup of Meridian logo stamped in foil
Foil-stamped MGM Grand Foxwoods swag bag
Foil-stamped MGM Grand Foxwoods swag bag

General Roll Leaf continues to provide a great selection of foils for the packaging industry with our metallic and pigment foils. Our “W” series matte pigment foils, with their easy release, are still the best pigment foils for applications in the packaging field.

We work closely with our customers to help them find the right foils for their package decorating applications – from bags to boxes to ribbons and more.

Call our customer service department to see what shades/formulations are available for your particular needs: (518) 671-6800.